Epidemiology believes the explosion in cases is due to the association between Covid-19 and influenza

Health Ministry’s National Director of Epidemiology Freddy Armijo confirmed that the only way to explain the massive growth in coronavirus cases in Santa Cruz is through the association between Covid-19 virus and influenza.

“Of course, this pandemic is the only way to explain this massive increase in data by linking two viruses, the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the influenza virus,” said the doctor in the Unitel network during his consultation on whether this Co-infection worries the government and whether it is causing the increase in cases.

The Department of Health and Sport’s National Directorate of Epidemiology reported this Tuesday that 9,242 people were positive for Covid-19 and the deaths of 47 people were reported following the massive diagnosis.

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The department of Santa Cruz continues to occupy first place with the highest number of cases of 6,047 infections, followed by Cochabamba with 988 cases, La Paz with 293, Chuquisaca with 545, Tarija with 708, Potosí with 165, Oruro with 170, Beni with 289 and Pando with 37.

A case of Fluron, a co-infection of Covid-19 and influenza, was reported in Santa Cruz this Tuesday, according to laboratory studies. It wouldn’t be the only case, but it would be common situations at this time of year.

Armijo said that “special measures are needed” in the Santa Cruz region, so the strategy being implemented is even being analyzed to step up active epidemiological surveillance.

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“In Santa Cruz, unlike the rest of the country, we have to take very special measures because it is not growing as fast as Santa Cruz,” said the director.

He stated that given the unusual increase in cases since epidemiological week 52, the trend is up. He explained that while diagnosing the cases is important, it does not interrupt the disease.

On the other hand, vaccination, active epidemiological surveillance, and community participation to protect biosecurity measures are the three elements that stop the disease.

He added that more than 100 doctors were hired to increase the workforce in this Covid-19 hardest hit region, although he said it will grow much more.


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