Entrambasaguas: MEPs will ask to look into the contract between the University of Salamanca and Bolivia

Spanish journalist Alejandro Entrambasaguas said today that the VOX party has announced that it will request an investigation into the contract between the University of Salamanca and Bolivia in September, in addition to encouraging an inspection of the university facility as it is a public body Funded with funds from the condition.

“MEP German Terstsch has informed me that in September, when parliamentary work resumes, he will ask the Congress of MPs to investigate this controversial contract with Zapatero’s former adviser and Bolivia irregularities, but they will also oversee the University of Salamanca request on this matter because be careful, it is a public university financed by the money of all Spaniards, “he said in the program A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos y el Grupo Center.

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Entrambasaguas considered the motion “healthy” to see if there were no irregularities and if there were any observations that sanctions were being imposed.

The journalist confirmed his position on the publication of the last few days, pointing out that “what we publish is supported by documentation”.

According to OK Diario, the Bisite Group’s expertise at the University of Salamanca was classified as “confidential” and had seven different versions. The first took place on May 6, 2021 and the last on June 28 of the same year. After the multiple changes, Corchado and the public prosecutor agreed on a ban so that the expert could not be disseminated. The government of Bolivia, chaired by Luis Arce, paid US $ 30,000 for this work.

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However, Corchado assured the Spanish media that he had not charged anything. “It didn’t make me financially rich; the money was raised by the University of Salamanca Foundation, ”he explains.


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