[EN VIVO] Senate debates repealing Law 1386

The Senate Chamber convened the seventh ordinary session on Tuesday morning to discuss the bill to repeal Act 1386 on the Strategy to Combat the Legitimacy of Illegal Profits.

Senator Rubén Gutiérrez Carrizo (MAS) reported that the Seventh Ordinary Session will deal with the repeal of Law 1386 with the exemption from processing, with the aim of giving the country “certainty”.

This morning the House of Representatives approved the repeal after a six-hour debate, which was marked by the controversial inclusion in the justification that the repeal was the product of “misinformation” and a second “coup attempt”.

The MAS accepted the exclusion of a paragraph stating that the protests against Law 1386 were being promoted by “disinformation” from opposition groups, but retained the text that there had been an attempted coup.

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The MAS, which has a majority in the lower house, has approved this draft law and referred it to the Senate.

Unions, transport companies and civil workers began an indefinite strike against Law 1386 on November 8.


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