Elizabeth Reyes is the new President of the United Nations and Doria Media takes over as Secretary General

At a national congress today, Unidad Nacional elected Elizabeth Reyes as the new national president of this political party. Eliana Acosta took over the office of Vice President and Samuel Dorian Medina is the party’s new General Secretary. While the former mayor of El Alto, Soledad Chapetón, remained in the office of organization secretary.

“I congratulate Elizabeth Reyes on her election as the new President of the Unidad Nacional. We stick to our changing rules, because that’s how democracy is made. I am sure that this will lead to many successes for the UN. He has my active support, ”wrote Doria Media on his Twitter account.

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Reyes was MP for National Unity from 2010 to 2014.

Origin of the UN guideline:

  • Chair: Elizabeth Reyes

  • Vice President: Eliana Acosta

  • Secretary General: Samuel Doria Medina

  • Executive Secretary: Roberto Moscoso

  • Organizational secretariat: Soledad Chapetón

  • Minister of Education: María Calcina

  • Foreign Minister: Francisco Aramayo

  • Program secretariat: Azucena Fuertes

  • Gender Secretary: Claudia Bravo

  • Secretariat for Communication and Networks: Daniela Cabrera

  • Youth secretariat: Fernando Laime

  • Electoral Secretariat: Mónica Sánchez

  • Provincial Secretariat: María Luz Chipana

  • Project secretariat: Cesar Menstasti

  • Institutional coordination: Marco Fuentes


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