El Alto Mayor's Office suspends the New Year celebrations and issues a 10-day

Given the increase in Covid-19 contagions, the El Alto Mayor’s Office has decided to suspend year-end parties under threat of closure or fines for criminals, but has also proposed a “dry law” of 10 days to be approved by the local council.

“The end of the year celebrations in the town of El Alto have been suspended. So give us a call to think about whoever owns the premises, from nightclubs to which year-end activity is completely suspended. The centers or venues that fail to do so will be closed and fines will be imposed in the same way, ”said Mayor Eva Copa.

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He announced that, in coordination with the police, the public prosecutor’s office and the municipal secretariat for civil security, he would carry out appropriate raids for control purposes.

He clarified that economic activities are still developing and meeting the requirements set by the government since January 1, and that the suspension of parties in venues and nightclubs will be at the end of the year.

Regarding the “dry law”, Copa has indicated that the project will be submitted to the local council for approval. The measure would take 10 days until January 10, 2022.

“So you are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages until January 10th, in order to avoid further infections in our city and fights and fights,” added the mayor

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He said the controls will focus on sectors like La Ceja, 16 de Julio and large venues that are already announcing parties on billboards.

Copa argued that this decision is being made because – according to the municipality’s analysis – the parties caused the cases to triple. Likewise, there are no longer intensive therapy rooms or sufficient hospital capacities in El Alto.

“We are also systematically fighting the anti-vaccine groups that unfortunately attacked our health workers yesterday,” he added.


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