Eight people are killed after heavy rains in Bolivia

The Vice Minister for Civil Protection, Juan Carlos Calvimontes, reported that eight people were killed in the country as a result of the rainy season.

“We have eight deceased: six in the La Paz department and two in the Potosí department,” said the deputy minister in an interview with the state broadcaster Bolivia TV.

In addition, 4,612 families nationwide were affected, 2,871 hectares of arable land were damaged and 351 houses suffered the attacks, 85 of which have to be rebuilt.

Of the 26 flood-affected municipalities in the country, 13 belong to Cochabamba, reported the deputy minister.

“At the moment we have 4 departments that have been hit by floods and have obviously created disasters. We are talking about the department of La Paz, which has 5 affected municipalities; The department for

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Cochabamba is the hardest hit with 13 communities affected; Chuquisaca has 3 affected communities; and Potosí has ​​5 ”, explained Calvimontes in contact with the state broadcaster Bolivia TV.

The state agency said the armed forces have started implementing a plan and deploying personnel by land, river and air to help families.

He also mentioned that the Department of Rural Development and Land has staff in damaged locations to identify the types of products lost and the sowing times to provide seeds, fertilizers and feed for animals.


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