Education ratifies the start of classes in February and lists three modalities

Education Minister Edgar Pary reported on Friday that educational institutions must be prepared to use one of the three teaching modalities during the 2022 semester.

“For the management of 2022, the inauguration of the classes was planned on the first working Monday in February; the goal is to start in personal mode, but we’ll see how the pandemic behaves on that basis. As the Ministry of Education, we will work on all three modalities, we have to be prepared to use the face-to-face, blended and distance modality, “he said in the city of Potosí, quoted in an institutional bulletin.

The main goal is to start with face-to-face classes, but this will depend on the incidence of Covid-19 in the country, he added.

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“We will work in a coordinated manner with the departmental and local governments, because they will ensure the proper functioning of the infrastructures and biological security measures within their areas of responsibility,” he added.

The involvement of parents, social organizations, and teachers and teachers will also influence this process, he said.

“In distance learning, the family man became a support (…), so we can coordinate the effects of the pandemic through social distancing, biosecurity measures and access to vaccinations,” he said.


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