Doria Medina rejects the strike and says that with proposals to overcome the crisis it is possible to contact the MAS.  to deliver

The businessman and leader of the National Unity (UN), Samuel Doria Medina, expressed his rejection of the call to strike for this 11th Socialism Movement (MAS).

In a video posted on his social networks, he said that instead of dealing with the problems of the population, the government has committed itself to “persecuting” members of the previous government and opposition politicians.

“National unity attended the October 4th summit to show our solidarity with the current mobilization, but in this case we do not agree to the strike, only with proposals to get out of the crisis and help the people after the pandemic MAS and rebuild our democracy and the country, ”he affirmed.

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He confirmed that people lost more than half of their income at the start of the pandemic, and said the organization of a pressure measure ratified in Santa Cruz yesterday will be to “step into the game” of the MAS to support the demonstration to achieve the damage you want to do in people.

The pressure measures announced by the citizens demand that the government end, among other things, the treatment of the law against the legitimation of illegal profits, the political persecution of opponents, the freedom of the former president Jeanine Añez.


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