Doctors refer to vaccinations as a

The president of the Bolivian Medical College, Luis Larrea, yesterday described the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, especially in rural areas, amid a possible fourth wave as a “failure”. The Ministry of Health is now carrying out evaluation work, recommendations and goals for the work of the departmental governments in order to find solutions to the deficits in the fight against the pandemic.

The latest weekly report from the Ministry of Health shows that the population over the age of 60 with the highest percentage of people vaccinated with the first dose leads, reaching 79 percent and 54 percent having completed their program. This is followed by the age group between 50 to 59 years (76 percent), 40 to 49 years (68 percent), 30 to 39 years (60 percent) and 18 to 29 years (51 percent) with first doses.

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Vaccination progress in rural areas was not featured this week, but low percentages were reported on August 9th.

55 percent of the population over 60 in the provinces received their first dose and 38 percent finished their plan. The population between the ages of 50 and 59 has now reached 40 percent of those who were vaccinated with the first dose; between 40 and 49 it reached 31 percent; 26 percent between 30 and 39 years and 23 percent between 18 and 29 years.

“We forgot the provinces, so the government vaccination unfortunately failed,” observed Larrea.

He said the campaign should be rescheduled and insisted on massive campaigns aimed at completing vaccination of age groups, starting “until the end” with those over 50.

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The Ministry of Health began recommending Cochabamba Department Health Service (headquarters) this Thursday to step up epidemiological surveillance and increase mass vaccination sites in communities with low immunization coverage. This activity will be expanded to the rest of the country, said Health Minister Jeyson Auza.

“Only through the vaccination guarantee in the communities will we return to a new normal,” he said at a press conference.


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