Doctors condemn violations of Áñez's right to health

Doctors from La Paz expressed their solidarity with the situation of former President Jeanine Áñez, took part in the vigil in Miraflores prison and denounced that her right to health is being violated.

The sector with representatives of the Association of Medical Industries (Sirmes) of La Paz is calling for comprehensive treatment of the former interim president after she has been injured.

“Human rights are violated. The constitution states that the right to health is an inalienable right and that it is a constitution approved by the MAS itself and that now they are hurting a person who is subjected to mental torture, we condemn it, ”said the representative from Sirmes La Paz, Fernando Romero.

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She stated that “it has been locked up for five months with limited visits, with no help received, no treatment for high blood pressure, malnutrition, urinary tract infections, major depressive disorders.”

He went on: “You cannot have multidisciplinary care, Mr President Arce is psychological torture, Mr Health Minister, this is psychological torture. We cannot leave a patient with multiple diseases in inhumane conditions who does not receive multidisciplinary treatment.

He said that someone who has reached an extreme situation, “we can’t just give them an anxiolytic because it might calm the disease, but it won’t attack the root of the disease and worse if it’s not the right medicine that must be followed ”. -on”.

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