Doctors are demanding that the PCR be free and that people with allergies should be exempt from carrying an anticovid card

Doctors believe the government should subsidize PCR testing for people who do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus (Covid-19) because of the high cost, and for people who have allergies and cannot receive the doses should be exempted from carrying the Anticovid card.

Last Thursday, the government issued Supreme Decree 4640, which provides that all rooms where crowds may occur, including air and land transport, have a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 or a PCR test no more than an age Must require 48 hours. These new measures will come into force on January 1, 2022.

Doctor Fernando Romero told the ANF that the fundamental rights of people who do not want to be vaccinated must be respected, but added that they must be responsible and adhere to all biosafety measures and submit PCR tests to avoid the risk of contagion to exclude.

“The right not to be vaccinated is fundamental and those who do not want to have to take care of themselves. He has to provide the PCR tests, ”he added.

Regarding people who have allergies or the vaccines cause some kind of reaction, the doctor stated that they should be exempted from keeping the anticovid card but recommended that a medical certificate confirming this condition be required avoid the risks of Covid – 19.

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“On the subject of allergies, a medical certificate from a (specialist) internist or pulmonologist must be sufficient and these people are to be excluded from the scope of the vaccination, ie they should not be required to present the vaccination card,” He said.

The expert said that while the measure will help prevent hospitals from being oversaturated with unvaccinated people, he also stressed that the rights of the population must be respected.

“Our health system is not up to a recurrence of the variants that occur, we lack beds, doctors, intensive therapies have already collapsed and this measure would help us, because it has been proven that vaccinated people do not achieve intensive therapies, but we have to” respect the fundamental rights of Bolivians, “he said.

For his part, Bolivian Medical College President Luis Larrea assured that the government will have to pay for PCR tests for those who do not want to be vaccinated.

He pointed out that the measure adopted by the government will affect the poorest people, especially in rural areas, where he assured that the vaccination was not effective due to a lack of strategies. He stressed that the decree violates the political constitution of the state and the Emergency Health Act, which provides that vaccination against the virus is not mandatory, but voluntary.

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“The most humble people will be hardest hit because (vaccination) is against the constitution and laws. Let the government explain why they are against the norms. They must guarantee free PCR to all people who do this . ” doesn’t want to get vaccinated, ”he argued.

The leader confirmed that the measure adopted by the government was due to the “negligence of the vaccination campaigns played with the data, they were played with the vaccine because the government said in June and July that the second” dose had to be be put on in 120 days and they never got a medical certificate that said it and that was because they deserted the population and now they distrust the people, and today they are issuing an ordinance that says that it is mandatory. “

During the conference, Deputy Minister of Defense for User and Consumer Rights Jorge Silva denied having warned of criminal penalties of up to 10 years for the crime of attacking the public health of people who do not have a vaccination certificate and who have tested positive for Covid-19.

He stressed that vaccination is voluntary, but warned that as of January 1, people will not be able to enter any public or private facilities unless they have a vaccination card or a negative PCR test.


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