Dialogue between Adepcoca and the government is in place

The heads of the departmental association of coca producers (Adepcoca) of La Paz, coca farmers close to the MAS and the government ministry installed a dialogue table to resolve the conflict through the leadership of the sector.

“These differences are not ideologically political, not economic. It can not go on like this. These differences cannot go on like this, ”said Minister Eduardo del Castillo at the beginning of the dialogue taking place in the city of La Paz.

The Bio-Adepcoca, led by Armin Lluta, arrived with a massive march and handed over their demands to the government ministry.

The specifications were approved on Monday at a producers’ meeting where it was also decided to reject the agreement approved last week in which new elections for Adepcoca’s board of directors are at odds among all producers in both sectors.

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The document suggests that the Ministry of Rural Development and Land Resolution 068, which approved the transfer of the Adepcoca market to Kalajahuira, can be revoked in addition to the dismissal of the Deputy Minister for Coca and Integral Development, Rolando Canceno, among others.

The other sector, led by Elena Flores, who is associated with MAS, also started a dialogue with a support march.


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