Despite the denial, various currents emerge within the MAS.  on

Despite denials and versions of the non-existence of groups or factions within the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), parts of the ruling party that seek power are emerging. There are the Evistas, the autoconvocados, the Choquehuanca generation, the renovators and the Eastern Bloc. Evo Morales himself recognized the existence of the factions that follow Arce, Choquehuanca and himself. The renovators announced that they will seek re-election of the current leaders.

In recent weeks there have been voices from various quarters of the ruling party about a change of ministerial president Luis Arce, but most of all Morales’ insistence on the functioning of the cabinet and the nature of the authorities has been seen.

“The resolution of the Pact of Unity is that Evo Morales’ environment will not return because there is a lot of trouble from social organizations with former ministers and former deputy ministers. Those of us who will elect the new cabinet are the new political actors, we are renewing the continuity of the MAS. Evo Morales’ suggestions are not taken into account; they will be the bases ”, said the MP Rolando Cuellar (MAS) in contact with Panamericana.

He added that former Morales ministers need to understand that they vetoed this administration and that they have no morals or blood on their faces “to ask for office when they were cowards and traitors.” The fall of Morales is his responsibility ”.

“The renewal of the MAS is encouraged so that our President Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca remain in command. We will support and implement the application of Article 168 of the Political Constitution of the state so that another government can run for the period 2025 to 2030, ”he assured.

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Meanwhile, a member of the MAS Assembly, who preferred to keep his name in reserve to avoid censorship or questioning, confirmed that there are currents in the MAS.

“There are internal currents within the MAS that follow Choquehuanca, Morales, the renovators or the self-appointed who want greater participation in government, but apparently the former president doesn’t understand that there is freedom of thought and difference.”

Others even remembered the so-called “Evo generation”, who enjoyed privileges in the sense of the former president.


“In relation to his questioning of Brother Luis Arce’s cabinet, Morales always made it clear to social organizations during his reign that they could not ask for their ministers to be elected. Why are they now starting to demand the removal of ministers from the Lucho government or the imposition of others? It is not healthy to embark on the line of conspiracy against our own government, which is far from supporting it, but is inundated with desperate opinions on how to figure out its practices, whether technical or political. That decision must be entirely in the hands of President Luis Arce, whether they like it or not, ”said one leader.

Last Sunday, Morales announced that after the first coordination meeting it had been decided to remove the existence of internal blocs or currents specifically promoting the candidacies of Arce, David Choquehuanca or Morales, noting that the militants promoting these tendencies were considered to be Traitors within the Political Instrument.

You question the role of David Choquehuanca

In the past few days, Evo Morales and other leaders of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) have sneakily attacked and questioned Vice President David Choquehuanca about the presence of the so-called “Generation Choquehuanca” in the blue party.

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“We never direct a comrade to promote President Evo. Lucho also made it clear that he never directed the Choquehuanca Bloc, David President, and appears suspicious, a huge mistake, “Morales said on his RKC program.

MAS Vice President Gerardo García downplayed the Choquehuanca bloc, stating that it would be a failure.

“Román Loayza split up, he wanted to build his own structure, Alejo Véliz created his own structure, which is the political instrument of the MAS and many others. Damián Condori is now governor, but his career ends there because we know that he will not be able to meet the demands of our Basemen colleagues, ”he said.

But García went further and even questioned the role of Choquehuanca.

“That is the doubt that all colleagues have about what they noticed and told me that there is a void, a void as Vice-President. He really is the first one who should come to the fore to defend our president, but he doesn’t. “

Former Evo ministers during the election campaign

It is the old guard, the former Evo Morales ministers, who promote and seek the return of the former president to power because that is the only way for them to return to power, analysts argue.

They recalled that former Prime Minister Juan Ramón Quintana had spoken about creating a new army for Morales.

“This is where we will form Evo Morales’ new army for the next 50 years. Here we will work day and night in political training centers, ”said the former authority at a MAS meeting.

“As you can see he’s already working and standing up for Morales,” they suggested.


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