Despite regulations, the LGTBI population continues to be discriminated against

Amid calls for justification, LGTBI International Pride Day was commemorated yesterday, an occasion on which central government agencies and the ombudsman are proposing mechanisms for living dignity in this sector, recognizing the freedom to unite same-sex couples in addition to starting a family. The discrimination continues.

The Prime Minister, María Nela Prada, met with representatives from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTQ) communities to analyze the situation in this sector.

“Improving the conditions of the LGTBI population means guaranteeing a fairer world for all generations to come and for those who struggle every day today to live freely, to be what they have chosen,” he said .

According to an institutional report, the meeting dealt with issues related to the review and adaptation of regulations, the mainstreaming of different gender approaches in education, the promotion of a more inclusive communication policy and the guarantee of social rights for the trans population.

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Meanwhile, the ombudswoman, Nadia Cruz, reported on the need for the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) and the judicial authority to make decisions based on inter-American human rights standards, the state’s political constitution and the protocol for judges with a gender perspective to meet the needs of the LGBTIQ population.

“Many same-sex couples lack protection and legal uncertainty because they have no rights such as short- or long-term social security, work benefits, family pensions and their economic rights in the event of separation or death from the couple,” he said.

Reports of violence

The Ombudsman notes that there are no specific protocols of action for handling cases of the LGBTIQ population and notes that the Attorney General’s Office handled only four cases between 2015 and 2020 that related to crimes against the integrity or life against people of these Relate to fellowship, three in progress (preparatory phase) and only one with a conviction.

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The Ombudsman recorded 36 complaints of violation of the rights of the LGBTIQ population during the 2020 administration, and by May 2021 there are 17 cases, almost 50% of the complaints received in relation to the last administration, an increase in these.

The Covid-19 crisis has left vulnerable populations defenseless.


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