Deputy questions slow progress in Las Londras case and calls for prosecution

MEP María René Álvarez (we believe) questioned the State Department about the slow progress of the investigation to find all the perpetrators of the ambush and the violent kidnapping of 17 people in Las Londras, and called for the establishment of a prosecutor’s office, as in the case of “Haunted Objects”.

“The Ministry of State has sent a commission of prosecutors and is speeding up the proceedings on the” ghostly objects “case in Santa Cruz, due to pressure from citizens and because the case has become political, why is there no equal treatment with the Las Londras case? A commission of prosecutors organized in the Las Londras case and reviewing this process, which has the characteristics of armed groups, militias that cracked down on the lives of journalists, civilians and police? ”said Álvarez.

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With that in mind, he questioned the slow progress of the Las Londras case, the perpetrators of which go unpunished after the arrest of one of the alleged leaders and are involved more than a month after the investigation began.

On October 28, several journalists, police officers and other civilians were ambushed, arrested and subjected to a series of acts of violence for at least seven hours by an armed group of suspected tyrants at a property called Las Londras in Guarayos province. From Santa Cruz Department.

Almost a month after the events, the only inmate is Ever SC, but the other people involved in the kidnapping have not yet been arrested, despite the fact that the victims not only recognized them but also urged prosecutors to speed up the research, to find the authors.

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“This case continues with impunity for a scapegoat this government has sacrificed to delay further (…). We are concerned for all Santa Cruz residents and all Bolivians,” the legislature said.

On the other hand, Álvarez demanded that the national authorities investigate and punish all those responsible for acts of corruption, without exception, demand money back from the state in all cases of corruption, enforce compensation and not act selectively.

“All acts of corruption must be investigated and those responsible who affect the state must be punished,” he said.

The State Department dispatched a commission of prosecutors to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra to investigate the case and investigate the allegations of 800 ghost items.


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