Deputy Minister warns that immunity will only be achieved with the second vaccine

The Deputy Minister for Health System Management, Álvaro Terrazas, warned this Sunday that the immunity required to avoid serious illness will not exist until the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccines and urged the population to go to the vaccination centers to go.

“We shouldn’t feel safe with the first dose, the first dose is part of the immunization process, only when we get the second dose, 15 days later, do we develop an antibody titer that is high enough, high, optimal to support the defense mechanisms, which are necessary to face the disease, “he said in an interview on Bolivia television.

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The agency said that there are 13 vaccines under the regular vaccination schedule that protect against 21 diseases, including diphtheria, whooping cough or measles, with the aim of preventing severe forms of the disease or, if one develops it, it is mild or moderate.

Therefore, he said that the range of action of the anticovid vaccines, including the new variants, is close to 100%.

He also explained that the vaccine’s responses are pain in the area where the puncture occurred, muscle pain, headache, sleep, tiredness, fatigue, but that these are natural in the body.

“It’s a positive reaction because our bodies create a reaction to make these antibodies so that the antibodies can recognize them in time in the future as soon as the disease occurs,” he noted.

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Terrazas assured that the vast majority of the reactions are mild, as with any type of vaccine, even less than the tetanus or hepatitis vaccine, which has more side effects than a Covid-19 vaccine.

He pointed out that there has only been one unwanted case of the vaccine in Bolivia and that between the first and second dose it is already nearing the limit of almost 3 million doses, which exceeds 30% of the vaccinated population.


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