Deputy Minister reports logistical problems with the transport of the second dose of Sputnik V.

Deputy Minister for Health System Management Álvaro Terrazas reported this Wednesday that there were logistical problems getting a second dose of Russian Sputnik-V vaccine into the country, so the government had to organize its own transportation.

“There is information that yesterday the plane took off in which a first batch (of second cans of Sputnik V) was being transported. At first there were logistical problems where the Bolivian government organized its own transport to avoid these delays and now the vaccines can arrive on time, ”Terrazas explained in Unitel.

A batch of second doses was due to arrive in the country on Tuesday; However, Terrazas said that attention should not necessarily be drawn to the 300,000 missing second doses of the Russian vaccine, but to the application of the 3.1 million that are being stored in different regions of the country.

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“We need to focus on the use of these 3.1 million vaccines, not try to focus on the concern of the 300,000 second doses – yes, they are important – but we believe it is much more important, at least the first dose to get in turn. ”to have better terms. , before a fourth wave event, ”he emphasized.

He pointed out that 300,000 second doses of Sputnik-V would be needed to complete the vaccination with the first vaccination and hopes it can be completed with the vaccination later this month. He did not specify how many second doses in that batch, which is expected to arrive in the country this week, will arrive in the country.

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In addition, due to the existence of 3.1 million anti-Covid-19 vaccines, the government has ruled out any further first doses of the Russian vaccine for the time being. “We believe, at this point in time, that there is no need to keep buying (more first doses of Sputnik V),” Terrazas said.

To date, a total of 8,979,110 doses of various vaccines have arrived in the country and a little more than 6 million have been administered until yesterday.


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