Deputy Minister is waiting for a judicial conviction in the proceedings against Jeanine Áñez in April

In April of this year, a judicial conviction is expected in the proceedings against Jeanine Áñez in the so-called coup d’état II, which relates to alleged breaches of duty and decisions that violate the political constitution of the state.

The Deputy Minister of Justice César Siles announced this Monday in an interview with the program “Contragolpe” on Radio Patria Nueva.

“The case is complex, but we calculate the time and matter devoted to this process and the obligation of the ordinary justice system to deal with it at the speed set by the Constitution, for the month of April at the most, we will have a penalty. ” He indicated.

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The agency said that once the verdict is pronounced, Áñez is expected to appeal and use due process to other judicial remedies.

He stated that the case, called Coup II, concerns Áñez, former military chiefs and police officers who actively participated in the coup.

In this court case, the preparatory acts for the trial have been completed.

“This means that we are on the verge of issuing the opening order within a maximum of 20 to 45 calendar days and thus, as required in the criminal process, the oral, public and adversarial hearing for the crimes of non-compliance with obligations and resolutions that are part of the political constitution of the State, “he said.

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