Deputy Minister condemns that Quelca left a

Deputy Minister for Higher Education Aurea Balderrama condemned this Friday that Adrian Quelca resigned as Minister of Education and left a “white massacre” in retaliation for the dismissal of civil servants.

Balderrama, who denounced Quelca in front of the public prosecutor’s office for influencing the occupation of offices, called the former minister’s attitude “cowardly” because he had left her in her office with the dismissals without staff.

“There was, one could say, a white massacre in the offices where some of the Instrument (MAS) were found to be moles. My trust, they are already instrumentalists. They all gave them the discharge memorandum without respecting an officer’s disability, ”he said.

He pointed out that Quelca fired five officers from his office, leaving her with no one to take documents.

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He even claimed Quelca continued to lay off staff even after he was fired. He stated that the dismissal was at 11:30 a.m. and the last discharge was at 2:30 p.m.

Quelca resigned as minister after he was charged with the crime of negligence and prosecutors requested his house arrest. The complaint filed by Balderrama in this case indicates that Quelca instructed via WhatsApp to favor or harm applicants for leadership positions in the education system.

The deputy minister said that she only served as a prosecutor after becoming aware of corruption.

He also denounced that Quelca the Ministry of Education cooperates with members of the Communist Party of which the former minister is a member and cornered the members of the MAS.

According to Balderrama, when Quelca was minister he did not coordinate with her and ignored her in order to conduct the administration in coordination with another official of the distribution who responded to the Communist Party.

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He said that precisely those associated with the Communist Party accompanied Quelca to the press conference the former minister gave that afternoon to announce his resignation. At this conference the supporters of Quelca shouted and demanded the resignation of Balderrama.

The vice minister assured that she was from the MAS, showed her membership certificate and assured that her position depends on President Luis Arce.

She said she felt threatened after hearing the press conference in which Quelca’s supporters “completely aggressively” demanded her resignation, for which she asked for guarantees.


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