Deputy Minister acknowledges a lack of judicial independence and assures that many judges wore

Vice Minister for Consumer Rights Jorge Silva alleged this Wednesday that many of the judges who persecuted her in the previous administration are now wearing the “blue shirt”, pointing out that as long as the judiciary is under power, it is not be independence.

“They put on the shirt of the party in function of the government, and that is not right, that harms the administration of justice, the change of shirt, the submission and submission to the government of the day, which we must break (…) Many of the current administrators of justice were the ones who persecuted the masistas, and now they are wearing the blue shirt, it cannot be that we have to change so that the judiciary is independent and we all have access to justice, “he said the deputy minister of El Deber.

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He said that there would be no judicial reform as long as the participation of politicians in judicial affairs was maintained, however small it was.

“Because you owe the favor to the one who installed you, justice will always be on the side to whom it owes the favor. Therefore, if you change government, change your shirts quickly,” said the deputy minister.

He explained that since the founding of the republic “there has always been a subordination as coordination, the judiciary has always been subordinate to the executive, even to the legislature, this is not a topical issue, it is an issue”. which we have been dragging out since the foundation of our republic, today a plurinational state, is a debt that we owe the people ”.

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He said 2002 should be the year of judicial transformation and that the government would work on a proposal.

“We have to cut that umbilical cord between the executive and the judiciary, and that means that no senator, deputy, minister or businessman has a judge or prosecutor on hand to protect him at all times,” he said.


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