Deputy Central Committee observes the prosecutor's responsibility for reviewing the 2019 minutes and requests a report

The review process of the observed minutes of the canceled 2019 elections that the General Prosecutor’s Office faced was challenged by the Deputy Civic Community (CC), Marcelo Pedrazas, who requested a written report to find out what the legal bases for invoking the Work.

According to the opposition legislature, neither the State’s Political Constitution nor the Attorney General’s Law have explicit powers for Wilfredo Chávez’s office to analyze election material from the elections.

“We want to know how the public prosecutor is working in relation to the law 1266 of the exceptional regime, with which he demanded instructions in 2019, due to the electoral fraud committed by his client (Evo) Morales, which stop confusing the population and avoid conflict scenarios “, he said.

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The Petition for a Written Report (PIE) asks Chávez to answer the legal basis, funding and scientific methodology for the enumeration and analysis of the logs observed in 2019.

According to Pedrazas, a “recount” of the files had no legal validity and he urged that he devote himself to performing his appropriate functions in the defense of the state in international arbitration.

Chavez confirmed that the screening process would be carried out “act by act” to determine whether or not there was election fraud, as reported at the time, and assured that it is his authority to carry out this type of work.

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