Deputy Arce says the TCP is reviewing the verdict on Manfred.  can

Deputy Héctor Arce (MAS) alleged on Friday that the ruling of the Second Constitutional Chamber of the Chuquisaca Supreme Court upholds Manfred Reyes Villa’s five-year sentence and confirmed that the Supreme Court can prioritize the review of this ruling Cochabamba “certainty” admit.

“Yesterday the judiciary ruled that we believe the Second Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Chuquisaca acted lawfully they imposed in 2013, “he told the media.

Yesterday, the Second Constitutional Chamber of the Departmental Court of Justice (TDJ) of Chuquisaca denied the protection sought by Manfred Reyes Villa in the Sillar Alternativo case, but ratified the precautionary measures pending the Constitutional Court (TCP) review of the verdict and suspending the execution of the criminal chamber’s conviction of the Departmental Court of Justice of Cochabamba against the municipality in the Sillar Alternativo case. In the meantime, Reyes Villa will continue to hold the position.

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Arce alleged that Reyes Villa was lying to Cochabamba for failing to achieve his primary goal of overturning his five-year prison sentence.

“Mr. Manfred Reyes Villa, I do not understand because he continues to lie to Cochabamba, this Supreme Order was succinct for him, what he requested, it was not granted, it was ratified when he was granted the precautionary measures with which he was mayor can go on while this Supreme Ordinance, issued yesterday by the Second Constitutional Chamber, is being reviewed, ”he ratified.

He stated that the plurinational Constitutional Court’s review of the Supreme Order could take anywhere from six to nine months, a period that can be shortened if either couple requests that the process be prioritized.

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“At the request of a party, the review of this Supreme Order from yesterday can be prioritized so that it comes out in the shortest possible time to reassure Cochabamba,” he said.

He said this is not the only lawsuit Reyes Villa has faced in court as there are 14 cases related to his administration in what was then Cochabamba Prefecture, according to the Cochabamba government.


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