Demonstrations in at least four cities across the country ratify applications for the release of political prisoners

Demonstrations took place in at least four cities across the country, including demanding the release of political prisoners, calling for an end to political persecution and showing support for former citizen Marco Pumari.

A town hall was held in Cochabamba when it rains and temperatures are low, and there were marches in La Paz and Potosí. A meeting convened by Conade took place in Tarija.

“All of our support goes to our city of Potosí. Humiliated by former dictator Evo Morales for 14 years, he has now been humiliated again by this nefarious government. They went to humiliate them with more than two thousand police officers, ”said the Toribia Lero Civic Community MP during the town hall in Cochabamba.

Lero referred to the night of December 9th, when police contingents from six departments moved to Potosí. That night, Pumari was arrested and the Compipo facilities were raided by police, and two houses were raided in search of other Potosí civil leaders. The government denied abuses, pointing out that arrest warrants were being issued for various crimes.

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Since then, three Compipo leaders have gone into hiding. Meanwhile, Pumari was taken to San Miguel de Uncía Prison on preventive detention for six months.

In La Paz, Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, together with Amparo Carvajal, President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia, are marked with the 21-F platforms.

Ribera on Wednesday charged his mother with ill-treatment at Miraflores Prison in La Paz, where he was held in preventive detention for almost nine months.

In Potosí, after a march, a rally took place on the steps of the Cathedral of Santa Basilica. The various speakers condemned the persecution against citizen leaders and former leaders.

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Also in the city of Sucre, Chuquisaca, people from Potosí marched accompanied by Codeinca. They left the La Recoleta area and landed in Plaza 25 de Mayo.

“(We) want to tell the government not to provoke the Bolivian people, Potosino, because the call for freedom was issued in Potosí in 2009,” said leader Luz Subieta, quoted by the ANF agency.

In Tarija, the Conade called a rally in the Plaza Luis de Fuentes.


People gathered at the rally in Tarija. | Karime Terrazas


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