Del Castillo: What is decided by the Adepcoca Assembly is being pursued by government agencies

Minister Eduardo Del Castillo reaffirmed this Thursday that Adepcoca is a private body and that the government will adhere to the decisions of its next meeting regarding the election of a new president of the coca farmers’ association.

“It is an issue that is not the responsibility of the government department, it is an issue that needs to be defined organically. We are aware that on the 22nd it will set a private matter and thus the meeting will be followed by the government, “said Del Castillo.

An Adepcoca meeting is planned for November 22nd, convened by the electoral committee formed after headquarters resumed to elect the new leadership of the coca farmers.

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Del Castillo confirmed that neither Arnold Alanez nor Armin Lluta are in command of Adepcoca, as determined by a previous meeting. However, he affirmed that he will respect the decision of the next congregation even if the return of one of these leaders is determined.

“If a congregation decides that Alanets will return, we will respect that decision; if a congregation decides that Armin Lluta will return, we will respect that decision, or if they choose a second, third or fourth person, we will be respectful.” this decision, “he expected.

Also on Thursday, Arnold Alanez reiterated that the election committee is illegal. He announced that he would go to court with an Amparo.

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