Del Castillo:

Government minister Eduardo del Castillo said tonight that there is “no policy” in the coca producers’ association (Adepcoca) after the mobilized coca farmers recapture the coca market occupied by leader Ronald Alanez, who has been denounced as being related to the government .

“Obviously there is currently no policy in Adepcoca. We know that a meeting will be held near Adepcoca tomorrow. It will be the same producers who will determine the legal situation of their market, who will lead them, which electoral committee will meet here, 30 days to an election, but we publicly demand that both sectors be called, “said Del Castillo on the show Que No Me Perda.

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Del Castillo reiterated that he did not support Alanez, but on September 21, he and the Minister for Rural Development went to Villa Fátima and recognized the leadership.

“On that occasion, Mr. Alanez had a meeting with more than 10,000 members of the Adepcoca sector, (he) had won an election with the participation of about 22,000 people with amphorae. So we cannot question the democratic attitudes of coca producers in any given sector, even more so when it comes to the private sector, ”he said.

The head of state affairs pointed out that, as the government, they are calling on the coca farmers to “hold democratic elections in which the people, the coca leaf producers and all active members of the sector can exercise their right to vote”.

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Regarding Alanez’s application to acquire additional land to operate the market and headquarters, Del Castillo stated that the issue was outside of his ministry’s jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the mobilized coca farmers at the head of the self-defense committee called a rally for new elections within 10 days.


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