Del Castillo:

Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo confirmed this Friday that the official ruling of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court of Justice) on indefinite re-election is not yet known, but he confirmed that the decision to reinstate Evo Morales in 2019 was a MAS- Mistake that shouldn’t have happened.

“As for the Inter-American Court case, a draft draft was sent to the media yesterday, so there is no official document to prove its authenticity,” he told the Cochabamba media.

“He said, however,” as a personal position was already spoken when Evo Morales said it, my person and many MAS officials said it, that the re-election of Comrade Morales was a mistake that should not have been made in his moment ” .

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According to an unofficial document, the Inter-American Court of Justice ruled in its opinion that indefinite re-election of the president is not a human right.


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