Del Castillo:

Government minister Eduardo del Castillo said on Wednesday that the so-called “coup” case should only have been discontinued against former President Jeanine Añez because she had failed to observe the 2019 constitutional succession regulations.

“As government minister in particular, I believe that the case should only be closed with this person (Jeanine Añez),” said Del Castillo.

He said it had been proven that when Añez took office in November 2019, he had committed 13 violations of the state’s political constitution and the rules of the Senators and Deputies.

The authority accused Jeanine Añez of having committed crimes in flagrante delicto because she had failed to observe the constitutional rules of succession.

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When asked whether there should be more people than witnesses in this case, the minister replied: “I cannot comment on the Bolivian judiciary. This will be a situation for the ministry to analyze, whether it is citing one person or another quoted. ” .

Añez has been detained on the alleged “coup” case since March this year, after being charged with the alleged crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy. Former Justice and Energy Ministers Álvaro Coímbra and Rodrigo Guzmán are also in custody for this case.

Prosecutors opened this investigation in December 2020 following a complaint from former MAS MP Lidia Patty, who denounced former and current Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho and others for alleged conspiracy against Evo Morales’ government.

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