Del Castillo says the Wila Lluch'us group

After recordings of the self-proclaimed “Wila Lluch’us” warrior army were released, which threatened to burn Amparo Carvajal’s house, Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo confirmed on Tuesday that the organization does not exist in Bolivia and that the video is armed.

The self-proclaimed Wila Lluch’u has appeared in various videos and recordings in La Paz, El Alto and the province of Omasuyos since February of this year at the latest. In their various pronouncements, they declared that their goal was to defend the plurinational state “at all costs”. They also demonstrated against the “fascist right”, Jeanine Añez, and since the end of August threatened to burn down Amparo Carvajal’s house.

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Campaign activities for the MAS candidate for governor Franklin Flores were also broadcast on the Facebook page “Egwill Ejercito Guerrero – WILA Lluch’us”.

Minister Del Castillo reiterated that the government was “against any action that violates the rights, guarantees and tranquility of the Bolivian people” but denied the existence of the organization that threatened Carvajal.

“We have been investigating and this organization does not exist, it does not exist on the national territory, so after preliminary investigations we have been able to determine that this video is armed to create some kind of political effect,” said Del Castillo called.

After the threats against Carvajal, politicians and activists rejected the claims of the Wila Lluch’us and called on the government to disband the organization. Meanwhile, MAS leader Evo Morales denied that this group was part of the movement for socialism.

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