Del Castillo: Quintana does not take the position of the government

The government minister Eduardo del Castillo stated that the governments of Luis García Meza and Luis Arce are not comparable and assured that the statements of the former Prime Minister Juan Ramón Quintana on the right of transport of the police do not represent the government.

The government minister’s remarks were in response to Quintana’s “personal position”, which asserted that the law on the career of generals and police promotions was a “prize” that “not even the García Meza dictatorship had given the police”.

“The government of Luis Arce cannot be compared in any way to the government of García Meza, because the government of Lucho Arce has regained democracy in our country and the government of García Meza is completely the opposite, García Meza would rather resemble Mrs Jeanine Añez, two people who carried out a coup in our country, “he said in contact with the No Lying program of the PAT network.

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“I do not share this position because it is a personal position that does not represent a position of the national government and just like this person we can hear different voices because we live in a democratic country,” he said.

The minister reiterated that the law passed by the Chamber of Deputies and now passed on to the Senators will benefit the entire police career “to improve institutionalism, to improve the verticality within the police institution and to create many institutions. They are more solid than tomorrow “. no politician on duty pending ”.


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