Del Castillo confirms that there are groups who want to

Government minister Eduardo Del Castillo reiterated that there are groups who “want to try” the life of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho in La Paz, but are given the kind of security afforded to “murderers” or “femicides”. “

“There would be a group of people who want to undermine the integrity of Luis Fernando Camacho; however, we use all intelligence operations to prevent this (…). If necessary, we have to ensure security, we protect security. ” of the whole Bolivian people as if it were some citizen who is going to make a testimony, be it a murderer, a murderer or a person who conspired to murder, we will give them all guarantees, “the government agency said last night in an interview with the UN network.

Camacho announced that he would arrive in La Paz on Thursday to appear before prosecutors and testify for the alleged “coup d’état” he allegedly carried out against Evo Morales in November 2019.

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“Mr. Camacho is not about anything special, we see this every day when he is going to declare a woman murder as murderer or as femicide or people who are organized to plunder the resources of the state or organized to kill, “said Del Castillo.

Camacho was one of the main leaders of the so-called “coup” in November 2019, for which he had committed crimes such as sedition, terrorism and conspiracy, according to MAS allegations; However, the former president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee defended the citizen mobilization, which he led for 21 days and which led to Evo Morales’ resignation and flight to Mexico.

Yesterday he confirmed that he and Evo Morales are the only ones responsible for what happened in October 2019. “If they put me in jail, I longingly hope that he (Evo Morales) will also have to take on his responsibility, I will wait for him there,” Camacho said at the summit for democracy yesterday evening to applause and urged the activists to “not leave alone “to the people who took to the streets in 2019.

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The departmental authority’s defense warned that the MAS, through prosecutors, would arrest Camacho after he made his statement to “neutralize” opposition actors and as a sign of intimidation to keep them from registering mobilizations.

The Santa Cruz Committee, however, blamed the government for the conflict-ridden scenario that Camacho’s concern could have sparked as his supporters and sections of the opposition took up arms.

Justice Minister Iván Lima urged opposition parties to be clearer about their demands as they call for impunity in relation to the 2019 massacres, he said.


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