Del Castillo assures that Áñez is in good health and says that politicization of the issue will not be tolerated

Government Minister Carlos Eduardo del Castillo reiterated today that former President Jeanine Áñez is “in perfect health” and warned that politicization of the issue would not be tolerated.

“Áñez is in complete health and well-being, said one of his sons,” said del Castillo, speaking to the media.

The minister also pointed out that one of her children is now allowed to stay with her in order to ensure the emotional stability of Áñez.

“We allow one of the children to spend the night alternately with Áñez (…) for emotional stability. The son spends one night and the other his daughter. He is much better,” he said.

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With that in mind, Del Castillo asked for no more policy on the health of people deprived of their liberty, recalling that Áñez had visits from his family, his private doctors and even a representative of the United Nations system in Bolivia.

“We will not tolerate anyone who wants to make politics about the state of health of a prisoner,” he said.

Áñez is being held in preventive detention in Miraflores Prison on charges of conspiracy, sedition and terrorism in the case of the alleged 2019 coup.

Last Saturday, the former president tried to “injure herself” by cutting her wrists open, but this did not occur to adults due to the intervention of prison doctors.

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