Del Castillo asks the three ALP banks to make liability proceedings feasible

As part of the report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), the Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo stated that the three benches of the Legislative Assembly should authorize a judgment on the responsibilities for the events of 2019.

“In justice for the Bolivian people, the three benches currently sitting in the congregation should approve this responsibility test that will help in the search for the truth,” said del Castillo.

The agency said it would work with the judiciary, defense and president to find a better solution to “bring justice to the Bolivian people and what happened in 2019 will never happen again.”

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Despite the fact that the GIEI investigation has been going on since the September 2019 events, Del Castillo mentioned that there was only one government that took dozens of lives, “it’s that of Jeanine Añez,” he said.

He mentioned that allowing impunity within the country would help repeat the events of 2019.

The Prime Minister, María Nela Prada, said on Tuesday that, according to the final report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), the human rights of victims of the Sacaba, Senkata and Montero massacres with racist behavior, patriarchal and sexist.

“To a large extent, these human rights violations have not only occurred with racist but also patriarchal behavior, sexist abuse and insult,” he said after presenting and handing over the GIEI’s final report to President Luis Arce. .

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