Del Castillo admits there has been a violation of law in the Morales administration

Government minister Eduardo del Castillo admitted this Wednesday that human rights violations had occurred during the tenure of former President Evo Morales, but claimed that there was no “active” government involvement in these actions during Jeanine’s period Áñez if that number was given.

“Of course there were human rights violations during Evo Morales’ government, but there was no active involvement of the national government regarding Montero, these two victims, we saw that the injuries were due to the inaction of the police, which was a confrontation between both sides and the police watched, ”he told El Deber.

The minister reiterated that all acts of violence that occurred in the 2019 crisis must be investigated and that no case can go unpunished.

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“If it comes from the MAS, from the community or from creemos, if it violates human rights, and if its political exercise violates other people’s rights, it should be sanctioned,” he said.

Minister Del Castillo said the Inter-American Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) report was essential to the investigation.


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