Defense pleads not to charge Percy with poor

Before the prosecution confirmed that they would summon former Santa Cruz Mayor Percy Fernández to testify in the case of “ghost objects” in which he was accused, his defense filed a motion to dismiss him. claims that his “deteriorated” mental health condition prevents you from understanding the actions of the process.

“The reports of four medical specialists with the patient’s clinical history show and substantiate his deteriorated and critical state of psycho-corporeal health, which prevents him from understanding what is going on in the process, so he is unable to defend or take a Taking to take sides in a legal proceeding, “said attorney Ciro Añez

“If the family says they cannot present themselves to the prosecutor or are not fit, they must order a coroner or a coroner to assess the mental health of the engineer Fernández. That panel can confirm what the family is saying and a decision will be made, ”said attorney Gary Prado.

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Prosecutor Javier Cordero, part of the commission investigating the case, said that “it was suggested last week that he would be cited as a denunciator this week”.


The judge was asked to use art. 86 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the intervention of doctors from the Institute for Forensic Investigations (IDIF) so that they themselves confirm the serious health of the patient and “his inability to defend himself or to take part in a judicial process,” said the defense of the former mayor.

Fernández is known to be at his home in Santa Cruz city, information confirmed by police.

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Sosa’s husband will testify tomorrow

The Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office has decided to summon Sergio Perovic, husband of the former Santa Cruz mayoress Angélica Sosa, as a witness in the investigation into the creation of at least 800 “ghost” objects in the Santa Cruz de the Sierra mayor’s office, said the lawyer Jerjes Justiniano.

The call was placed after introducing himself that Monday morning to spontaneously deliver his informative statement about the investigation aimed at building a network that operated in the Santa Cruz community.

According to Justiniano, the fact that Perovic testifies spontaneously is because there is no lawsuit against him.


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