The governor of Santa Cruz is hospitalized after a digestive bleeding

The lawyer Eusebio Vera, who is defending Admiral Palmiro Jarjury and General Gonzalo Terceros in the “coup” case, insisted that prosecutors summon Luis Fernando Camacho to clarify who the military was, with whom his father allegedly “shut down” “During the conflicts in 2019.

In time to confirm the innocence of his defendants, Vera stated that the prosecution’s indictment was based on the leaked video of Camacho hearing that his father had “closed” with the military and police to keep them from breaking the movements that he would do when calling for Evo Morales to step down.

“It was my father who closed with the military so they wouldn’t leave. For this reason, the person who spoke to them and coordinated everything was Fernando López (…) The police as well as my father, ”Camacho can be heard in this video.

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Prosecutor Vera pointed out that since this aspect is mentioned in the indictment in support of the criminal nature of the conspiracy, prosecutor should summon Camacho and clarify which military he is referring to.

“He (Camacho) has to say who he spoke to, which Bundeswehr officers he spoke to, and allegedly, according to the formal indictment, he would have closed with the police and the military, and in this specific case he had to provide his first and last name which military it closed with. That is what you have to come to testify, to tell your truth, and the State Ministry is obliged to summon Luis Fernando Camacho with these effects, “said attorney Vera in an interview with ERBOL.

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Former military chiefs Jarjury and Terceros are in preventive detention and are charged with terrorism, sedition and conspiracy.

In a memorial that they have already presented to the public prosecutor, the two soldiers deny the allegations made against them and point out that they are obeying the orders of their superiors Williams Kaliman and even Evo Morales, whose last instruction – according to his report – November 2019 so that the Bundeswehr continues to protect its facilities and does not move out to scare the population.

Both former military chiefs also claimed that Evo Morales’ resignation proposal was ordered by Kaliman. They also pointed out that this would not affect Morales as he had previously decided to step down from the presidency.


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