Defense of Angélica Sosa appeals

Former Santa Cruz interim mayor Angélica Sosa ‘s defense has appealed to investigate a number of complaints, said Joadel Bravo, an attorney for the former local government.

“The appeal was immediately filed so that the members of the court on duty could examine and address the complaints that we denounced at this hearing and were not heard by the judge,” Bravo said in contact with El Deber.

Bravo pointed out that one of the incidents is that Sosa “has been withdrawn from a clinic and is legal, which is a private room and can only be entered through a house search.” Therefore, this situation constitutes a very serious breach of due process ”.

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During the development of Sosa’s precautionary hearing, which began at 4:30 p.m. that Thursday, a number of incidents were presented by his defense, Xerxes Justiniano, an aspect that was analyzed in a little over an hour pause, but these were reported on End rejected by the judge.

At dawn on Friday, Sosa was taken to Palmasola prison for four months as part of the investigation into the alleged 800 ghost objects belonging to the Santa Cruz mayor’s office.


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