Defense of Áñez indicates the ex-president is suffering from extreme depression and insists on urgent hospitalization

Jeanine Añez’s health continues to be a cause for concern. For Wednesday, lawyers warned the ex-president that she remained in a state of extreme depression and that her doctor had requested hospitalization to control her hospitalization and nutritional deficit.

“The ex-president is in bed, she continues with her depression, and she was even able to take a bath 10 days ago, she is susceptible to health (…) We remain worried in defense because she continues to be in this state of extreme depression”, he said. Norka Cuéllar, Añez’s lawyer.

He implied that Añez’s son was practically forcing him to eat. He pointed out that the ex-president was in a sad state on an emotional level.

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Añez’s other lawyer, Luis Guillén, said the ex-president’s doctor told him it was urgent to admit her because of her health.

Doctor Pavel Angles’ August 31 report indicates that Añez has fluctuating blood pressure levels due to the stress, anxiety, and depression he has had over the past few months.

It has also been shown that, in addition to depression, the patient experiences significant loss of muscle mass due to difficulty in exercising and inadequate food intake.

“In summary, I am of the opinion that the hospitalization of the patient for psychiatric treatment on the part of my specialty would happen to give me the opportunity to objectively and practically control and treat arterial hypertension and nutritional status,” the test report concludes.

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Controversy also arose in prison because not all of Añez’s lawyers were allowed to enter, even though a hearing was scheduled.

Attorney Cuellar pointed out that the rules have changed with a new prison director.

He reported that for various reasons, including obstructing her defense, a lawsuit had also been filed in favor of the former president.

Regarding the suspension of the Freedom Hearing, which was due to take place this Wednesday, it has been suspended until Friday due to problems with the virtual system used by the judiciary.


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