Defense of Áñez asks the government for a report on his medical history

Former President Jeanine Áñez and her defense this Monday requested simple and legalized copies of her full medical history from the prison system in order to find out about the medical examinations she has carried out, as well as the complementary studies and assisted treatment.

With a memorial to the government ministry on which the penitentiary agency is dependent, the former agency officially requested information about his medical history since he was admitted to Miraflores prison in March.

“I reaffirm his authority that the Health Department of the Prison Directorate will send me a simple copy and legalized copies of my existing medical history in the health section of Miraflores Women’s Prison,” says the memorial sent to the government.

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In the past few weeks, the ex-president’s health has deteriorated, she suffers from high blood pressure and severe depression. She, too, has been transferred to the Thorax Institute and the Hospital del Norte in the city of El Alto in the past few days.

The family has denounced that they did not conduct the studies that the Forensic Research Institute suggested at some point because of his health.

That weekend, Áñez attacked his physical integrity. His lawyers reported that the wounds were 4 to 5 mm deep, in addition to four others of shallower depth.

The lawyer Norka Cuellar pointed out that the wounds were made with a stationery clip, so they were certainly extremely painful for the ex-president. “If (the former president) Jeanine had had another element with a greater advantage, the story at that point would be a different one; So it wasn’t just scratches as they’d lead us to believe, ”he said.

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The government minimized the fact, in fact police commander Jhonny Aguilar said it was an action to attract attention.

His defense has also requested that his medical record list the medical and auxiliary tests performed and the medical treatments that have been used on him during this period.

The former authority has been in custody since March and the alleged crimes of sedition, terrorism and conspiracy are being investigated on reports from former deputy Lidia Patty (MAS).


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