Defense minister believes that arrested soldiers want to trigger a new coup

Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo believed that the testimony of the processed soldiers who felt “abandoned” contained a message for a “new coup”.

“The military who have committed misconduct, who are unpatriotic, who shot their people, have the right to defend themselves, they have the means to defend themselves. What you need to see is due process, you need to see these processes are within the law. I think there is a message deep down from these bad soldiers who in some way want to move the armed forces to a new coup, and that cannot happen, ”he said in an interview with A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos y Grupo Center.

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He believed that a new coup could serve to relieve them of their responsibilities, but assured that “they will not cheer up and neither will they carry it out”.

“With this GIEI report, which clearly shows the involvement of all military personnel, civilians and irregular groups, it is now clearest for the military to adhere to the law, the constitution and all regulations,” he added .

Lieutenant Colonel Franz Vargas, charged with the alleged coup, said in early August that he had “mixed feelings about the full institutional task”.

Vargas was taken to San Pedro de Sacaba prison and stated that “there are rare procedural situations”.

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