The public prosecutor for the department of La Paz was denounced for harassment;  denies responsibility and is under investigation

Two defense lawyers for the defendants in the “Coup II” case cited the formal charges brought by the prosecutor of Jeanine Áñez and former commanders of the armed forces and police as “experienced” and “unlawful”.

The public prosecutor’s office accused Áñez and eight former commanders of irregularly voting on what the state ministry believed to be “illegal” inauguration of the president in November 2019.

Áñez’s lawyer, Luis Guillén, considered the Ministry’s action “spiced” because the charges apply to the “Coup II” case, which emerges from a different trial, the “Coup I” case, in which there is no charge .

He also thought it “strange” that it should be left to a simple judge to decide whether the adoption was constitutional. He said the prosecutor was irresponsible.

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However, it indicated that with this allegation, the ex-president could no longer obstruct an investigation, which is why it was appropriate to give her the freedom to defend herself outside of prison.

The lawyer Eusegio Vera, who represents General Jorge Terceros and Admiral Palmiro Jarjury, said the allegation was a “legal deviation”, “arbitrariness”, “abuse of power”.

He thought it was wrong because his clients were only informed a month ago about the accusation in the “Coup II” case and it was “irrational” to have carried out a complex investigation in this accelerated time.

He said that the State Department’s action would prevent his clients’ right to be defended. He pledged to enter the “blackest history of the judicial administration of Bolivia”.

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In addition to Áñez, the former commander of the armed forces, Williams Kaliman, as well as the members of his command, Flavio Arce San Martín, Jorge Terceros, Gonzalo Jarjury, Pastor Mendieta, Jorge Fernández, and Carlos Orellana, the commander to Kaliman. Former police commander Yuri Calderón is also charged.


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