Decree states that the vaccination card is an official document across the country

The national government this Wednesday, by approving Supreme Decree No. 4641, ordered the Covid-19 vaccination card to be an official document on Bolivian territory, certified by the Ministry of Health and Sports.

“This Supreme Decree aims to: a) introduce the Covid-19 vaccination card throughout the national territory as an official document certified by the Ministry of Health and Sports attesting that a person has been vaccinated in the national plurinational Bolivia; b) Regulate the registration, certification and verification of the authenticity of laboratory results for the diagnosis of Covid-19, “reads the document published in the Official Gazette of Bolivia.

The second article of the above ordinance, adopted at the Cabinet of Ministers meeting, states that the vaccination card is the official document of national nature, portable, verifiable, secure and free, that certifies that the shelves and residents of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, have been following vaccinated against Covid-19 according to the corresponding vaccination schedule.

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The Ministry of Health and Sport is responsible for certifying the security and legal validity of the vaccination passport data received from the electronic vaccination register – EIR, which are digitally signed and encrypted.

The vaccination card against Covid-19 can be created by: a) the platform of the Ministry of Health and Sport in PDF format; b) the mobile application “United against Covid” in PDF format; c) The mobile application Digital Citizenship.

“It is the responsibility of the holder to carry his vaccination card against Covid-19 with his updated vaccination schedule, either physically or digitally,” the regulations say.

The presentation of the vaccination card in front of those who request it can be done through the physical or digital display of the document, and those who require the data to be authenticated can do so online and free of charge using the “United.” Mobile application. do against Covid “or other mechanisms set up by the Ministry of Health and Sports.

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If there is no internet connection, the verified data corresponds to the creation date of the vaccination card against Covid-19.

In cases where there is a need to review the vaccination of people vaccinated abroad, this can be done through the mechanisms in place in the countries where the vaccination was carried out.

The Integrated Epidemiological Surveillance System – SIVE is the only one authorized for the registration and accreditation of laboratory results for the diagnosis of Covid-19.


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