Declare 2022 as the

Given the situation of women in the country in relation to acts of violence, the government declared that 2022 will be the “year of the Cultural Revolution for depatriarchalization with a life free of violence against women”.

The Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, together with various authorities and representatives of women’s social movements, made the announcement stating that a number of activities would be launched to promote actions aimed at addressing this problem in society.

She identified patriarchy as the “main and structural cause” of violence against women, pointing out that it was a system of oppression, domination and exploitation, “the oldest of humankind against women”.

“Nine out of 10 victims of family or domestic violence in 2021 were women (…) The crimes with the highest commission in the plurinational state of Bolivia are that of family or domestic violence, which ranks first in all departments of the country”, held.

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Supreme Decree 4060, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on Thursday, states that the executive, through its ministries, agencies and institutions in dependency, custody and public corporations, must create spaces for reflection, socialization and depatriarchal action in order to prevent violence against women .

Besides promoting training measures to prevent violence against women, identifying patriarchy as a structural problem; take into account the depatriarchalization approach in the fight against violence against women, in the development of policies, the dissemination and socialization of information.

In addition, a communication campaign will be developed aimed at combating violence against women and strengthening a depatriarchal culture.

In his social networks, President Luis Arce affirmed that the patriarchal system is “deeply rooted” in society and that the struggle for a life free of violence against women needs everyone.

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“If we look with indifference at femicides in Bolivia, more than a hundred in 2021, if we normalize violence against women and limit efforts to establish a normative penal system, we will not attack the structure that defines a system of domination and oppression.” . (sic) ”he added.

During the past tenure, the greatest number of incidents were linked to the crime of domestic or family violence, with 36,390 consecutive cases, 2,541 sexual abuse cases, 2,138 rape cases, and 2,007 infant, child and juvenile rape cases.

Prada also noted that there were 108 femicides in 2021, of which in La Paz 43, Santa Cruz 17, Cochabamba 15, Oruro 10, Potosí 10, Chuquisaca 6, Beni 3, Tarija 3 and Pando there was one case where more than 60% were committed by men related to the victim.


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