Daughter of Áñez to Justice: Why do you allow injustice to affect my mother's life?

Carolina Ribera questioned key authorities in the Department of Justice a few days after the start of the oral trial against her mother, former President Jeanine Áñez. “The complicit silence damages the judiciary,” he said, recalling that they “denied it three times” after receiving it as president in 2020.

“Mrs. Pdtes. of the Council of Magistracy and Supreme Court of Justice: Complicit silence damages the judiciary. The entire judiciary has invited @JeanineAnez to open the judicial year as Constitutional President of Bolivia and now, like Pedro to Jesus, he denies it 3 times:” wrote Ribera.

According to Ribera, one of those cases was allowing any trial of the former president by ordinary means and denying her the right to be prosecuted by the Supreme Court if approved by two-thirds of the Legislative Assembly, as stipulated in the Examination Act of responsibilities.

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The second, “silencing, avoiding, postponing the explicit statement by the Constitutional Court of Bolivia on the constitutionality of the presidency assumed by my mother, #JeanineAñez, as she confirmed with her statement. Erase what with your elbow? they write? with hand?”.

The third denial, by allowing the violation of a person’s rights and guarantees beyond any investiture, “such as due process, the presumption of innocence, the dignity, integrity, health and life of my mother. Ten months as a political prisoner without one only evidence of a crime,” says Ribera.

The hearing in the “coup d’état II” case will begin next week, government minister Eduardo del Castillo said. The case has to do with Áñez’s assumption of the presidency in November 2019 amid a power vacuum in the country.

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Prosecutors maintain the theory that the former president “self-proclaimed” and that there is all evidence that she unlawfully assumed the investiture. Áñez has been held in Miraflores prison since March last year and faces at least seven complaints.

Ribera has denied all allegations throughout this period. “The Gentlemen Pdtes. of the Council of Magistracy and the Supreme Court: The complicit silence harms the judiciary. Why don’t they deny the Government Minister and Deputy Attorney General who have announced a hearing against my mother? Who is silent grants!”, Hero.

“Who will believe that Bolivia has a transparent and independent judiciary? Are they perhaps dependent on the executive branch? Why do they allow “in” justice to interfere with the life and dignity of my mother, a former constitutional president? Dish of Bolivia? #Libérenla,” asked the judge.


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