Daughter of Áñez:

Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine ñez, confirmed that the MAS allegations of alleged embezzlement in the social administration department are a “hoax” invented by the MAS in an attempt to break “my mother’s precarious health.”

Yesterday, MAS MP Omar Yujra announced that Carolina Ribera was being investigated for allegedly missing records in handling donations when the young woman accompanied her mother to the social administration department of the Presidential Ministry.

“This new joke, invented by a Masista MP, tries to break my mother’s precarious health, overwhelm her with another worry, because they know how vulnerable a mother is when she touches a son or daughter “wrote Ribera on his Facebook account.

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The ex-president’s daughter claimed that “this new nasty and political persecution, invented by a Masista MP, is intended to silence me and come to terms with how my mother is going back day after day.”

“I tell them no, they won’t make it, I have no tail to step on and as a Bolivian, as a woman and as a daughter, I won’t stop fighting until I find justice, respect for the rights of mine Mother and the Constitution, “he said. .

He assured: “I was not a civil servant, I did not receive any salary, no salary or other benefits from the state that was cut by the previous administration. And I have brought hope to the neediest Bolivians ”.

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