Daughter of Áñez: My mother's safety is not guaranteed in prison

Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, believes her mother’s safety at Miraflores prison in La Paz city is not guaranteed after changes in locations, inmate protests and the ex-president’s suicide attempt.

“His safety is not guaranteed in prison. All the guards, policemen and the prison director have changed, and today the inmates protested against my mother, calling her a “coup leader” and a “terrorist”. There are no guarantees of your safety in prison, ”Ribera said in an interview with journalist Fernando del Rincón on CNN.

“The prison regime could not monitor them for these injuries, what guarantees are there that they can protect them from the other inmates,” Ribera asked.

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The young woman said her mother was defenseless and had nervous breakdowns in addition to high blood pressure.


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