Cuéllar to Quintana:

Movement for Socialism MP (MAS) Rolando Cuéllar attacked Juan Ramón Quintana, former minister in the presidency of Evo Morales’ government, who he believed was a madman and right-wing intruder who should be expelled from the ranks the MAS and warned that he would not even be hired as the bouncer of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP).

The reaction arises after Quintana questioned the ALP during the presentation of a book about the intention to “reward” the Bolivian police with the approval of the “General Career and Promotion Act”, a law that, according to the ex-authority, does not even exist In times of dictatorship it was granted to this institution, all the more since not a single police officer has been imprisoned for the events of 2019, which the MAS describes as a “coup d’état”. .

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Following these allegations, MP Cuéllar pointed out that “this madman must be expelled from the MAS” because he had come to compare the constitutional government of Luis Arce Catacora with the dictatorship of Luis García Meza.

“By telling Mr. Juan Ramón Quintana that he is a submissive coward from the right, Mr. Juan Ramón Quintana does not represent the official voice of the MAS, and the national leadership should expel this intruder from the right, that Mr. Juan Ramón Quintana needs a psychiatrist, a psychologist, ”said the MAS MP.

The MP is of the opinion that he should no longer gain a foothold in a congress or in an expanded MAS with the declarations of the ex-authority.

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For Cuéllar, the former minister is trying to attract attention with the intention of getting a ministry, at the expense of discrediting the current government.

“We are telling Mr Quintana that we will not hire him as a bouncer in the congregation,” warned the MP.


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