Csutcb attacks indigenous march;  Führer replies that they are not trying to destabilize the government

While the indigenous march of Beni is advancing towards Santa Cruz in defense of the territory, the Confederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos (Csutcb), related to the MAS, expressed its opposition to the mobilization, which it considered political, while the leader Abdón Justiniano of the Protesters claimed: that the mobilization is not aimed at destabilizing the government, nor is it pursuing political goals.

The march began last Wednesday from Trinidad to defend the territory, natural resources and cultural identity of the indigenous peoples and, among other things, to express their rejection of rule.

However, at a press conference, the CSUTCB accused the protesters of trying to create a spasm under the argument of defending the country and territory.

The Secretary for Relations of the Farmers’ Union, Omar Ramírez, confirmed that the march of the indigenous peoples is political and supported by the business community and the government of Santa Cruz.

It is inconceivable that business people show solidarity with the demands of the indigenous movement.

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The CSUTCB representative said the march might be right on some of its demands but insisted it had other political intentions by moving to Santa Cruz instead of La Paz.

Ramírez claimed that the land should be for those who work it, such as the farmers and interculturalists of the East, but not for business people.

He answers him to stay calm

Since the march, Abdón Justiniano Cujuy, President of the Headquarters of the Indigenous Peoples of Beni (CPIB), has responded to the CSUTCB to keep calm because he has no intention of tensing up.

“Don’t let them worry that we’re not destabilizing the government, we’re not going against their president, we’re not defending any political line or political color, rest assured,” said Justiniano.

He claimed that there was freedom of expression and affirmed that the indigenous people do not delegitimize the actions of the farmers’ union and have nothing in common with them. “We don’t sell land, we don’t lease, we don’t have mast land to negotiate and resell,” he added.

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He also told the CSUTCB that the middle class are not enemies, but that we are all “human”.

The indigenous leader assured that he had no communication with the Santa Cruz government, but that he had the support of the Santa Cruz people.

When asked about the reasons for the march to Santa Cruz and not to La Paz, Justiniano pointed out that this was due to centralism, as the indigenous people strive for decentralization and free self-determination, which is not half-hearted.

He indicated that the march was reinforced by the presence of tacanas and sirionós. The goal is to arrive in the city of Santa Cruz on September 24th to hold an indigenous gathering.


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