Cox on the Promotion Act:

Deputy Home Secretary Nelson Cox said today that no changes should have been made to the Bolivian Police General Careers and Promotion Bill.

“It is important to remember that the government ministry sponsors the bill as it is coordinated with the Bolivian police. There have been observations, I know that there has been a variation on this Article 11 for Senate review, ”he said.

However, he did not agree with the change made.

“Of course we don’t agree, I made a statement about the deviation the Chamber of Deputies has in their observation, which is currently the dissonant element because they observe that a civilian is not in the chain of command.” , Held.

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Cox pointed out that the observation made is inconsistent with what the state’s political constitution “enacts” as the president does not need to be a military or police officer for both the armed forces and the police to “obey”.

“The police proposed this rule, so it should be respected as it is,” he added.


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