Cox in the Pumari case: The State Department applied the prosecution criteria

Vice Minister of the Interior and Police Nelson Cox reiterated that the State Department had used “criminal prosecution criteria” against former Citizen Marco Pumari and justified the arrest without prior notice to testify on behalf of the indictment.

“The State Ministry has made law enforcement a criterion, everything that the constitutional guarantees say is applied and configured. (Pumari) was not tortured, he was not attacked, ”said Cox in an interview with Que No Me Perda on Red Uno.

“The procedure does not correctly say that first a subpoena is issued, then a second subpoena, that happens in other procedures, it can be civil, family or administrative procedures. Criminal proceedings are a function of the treatment that the Ministry of Public Affairs will undertake. Even more so when it took so long to create the test, ”Cox mused.

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“It is not a critical condition that it is cited first and then the commitment takes effect,” he added.

“The criminal procedure is compulsory. This is bitterly legal, the important thing is that there is no violation of the rules of criminal law, ”he repeated, saying that if anyone has any doubts, report them.

During the interview, Cox confirmed that there were testimonies against Pumari at the cremation of the Electoral Court of the Potosí Department and that there was documentary evidence, but admitted that he was not in Potosí in October 2019 and has no access to “objective evidence from the Research Brochure “.

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