Cox fires his employee for connection with Arturo Murillo

Deputy Minister of the Interior and Police, Nelson Cox, is in the midst of a wave of criticism of the hiring of Óscar Augusto Villarroel Inturias, who in 2020 posed as the lawyer for the family of then Prime Minister Arturo Murillo. The authority was questioned by opponents and by the MAS legislature, which is why they dismissed the aforementioned lawyer.

Página Siete contacted Villarroel yesterday to ask questions about his attitude, but he replied succinctly: “I don’t have time to speak at the moment, thank you”. In 2020, in Cochabamba, Villarroel identified himself as the lawyer for Arturo Murillo’s sister and then worked as an associate of Cox, one of the main critics of this former minister in the government, Jeanine Añez.

“We are under a full investigation and responsibilities will be determined according to the investigation,” Villarroel said on May 28, 2021 when journalists interviewed him during a raid on the doors of Murillo’s relatives’ home.

Inconsistent, according to the Comptroller Office, Villarroel was hired on August 26, 2021 as Specialist I in the government ministry with a salary of 11,362 Bolivians.

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At the time of writing, Vice Minister Cox had not responded to calls from that medium, but said hours earlier that “there is no way to verify that (Villarroel) was Murillo’s lawyer because he never was.” He admitted to hiring him but has already been fired, according to Gigavisión.

“Many obscure things that exist in the MAS are being revealed and the fact that a lawyer from Murillo’s family is working with Mr. Nelson Cox (arouses suspicion) should of course go out to elucidate as this lawyer (Villarroel) sends congratulations.” “To Cox on his social networks,” said Senator Henry Montero of Creemos.

Indeed, in Villarroel’s history of Facebook posts, dozens of posts have been observed congratulating Cox’s management and questioning opponents of the MAS government. “Hard but true, Mr. (Carlos) Mesa, get out of your comfort zone and explain, well put, Dr. Nelson Marcelo Cox Mayorga has given the resignation a good chair, ”published Villarroel on December 16, 2021.

Villarroel’s publications are mainly concerned with ethics, morals and politics. In December, he posted a photo of a gun in its holster and wrote, “I’m picking out my Christmas presents.”

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Even more contradicting, however, is the attitude of the so-called Murillo family lawyer, who, according to Villarroel’s publications, was part of the team that ran for Cox as mayor of Cochabamba in February 2021.

In June, after his campaign defeat, Cox was named deputy minister of the interior, replacing Emilio Rodas, who then accused government minister Eduardo del Castillo of drafting the new law on promotion to general of the police in his office without consulting the relevant authorities. Villarroel was discontinued a month later.

MAS MP’s chief Gualberto Arispe alleged that Murillo was one of the main persecutors of his party’s authorities in Añez’s leadership. He asked how a defense attorney for Murillo could break into the government ministry from where he would pass information to the opposition.

For her part, MEP Estefanía Morales announced that the social organizations will decide on the sanctions they will impose on Villorrael and Cox for this attitude.


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